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When you speak about Nationalism excluding my community, it is never questioned The obsession with boundaries and labels is nothing less than a reckless fallacy we carry conceitedly in our minds The earth itself is nothing but a mote of dust floating in the morning sky Photo: PTI.

I reject all religions, not just yours Religion is bullshit It is the lethal child of imperialistic and megalomaniac ideologies This smells like saffron shit The resurrection of the Sanghi-style holocaust! On Caste and the Marginalised. In , as Independence Day approached, Vemula commented:.

Another independence day just came by to tickle our meagre everyday life Not speaking about caste cannot eradicate caste. It just makes discrimination nameless!!!

Coming Out (The Stardust Diaries)

And our activism is not identity politics, it is a struggle for recognition. The Hope He Left Behind. Rohith Vemula. Photo: Twitter. We are amazing even without worldly accomplishments. Because we are not ordinary.

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Today I sleep and wake up to disturbing dreams, but there were times, I had nothing to dream about. Today, I have hurting memories, I get bad dreams, I bleed blue and I get depressed but back in those days I was indifferent. I was unmoved.

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I was unloved and untested. The Stardust Diaries are unique - they're a soap opera, a domestic drama, a comedy and a thoroughly entertaining and often moving love story.

Is Tarn's new date destined to replace Twinkles in his affection? Price: Free! Words: , Language: British English. Published: June 1, Gasp, laugh, groan and even shed a tear or two as Tarn journals about day-to-day life with the man he loves. Words: 9, Published: May 12, This short story serves as a prequel and supplement to Swan Songs - the first book in the Stardust Diaries Series It concerns how Twinkles came out of the closet and why Tarn put him back in it.

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Faced with market offerings of uninspired and uninspiring mass-produced, pink polyester, I instinctively drew on my own design aesthetic and experience and decided to create my own tutus. Thus, the brand was born and formally launched in Stardust Memories perfectly evokes old world glamour, and budding ringmasters, acrobats, dancers and magicians will be whisked away to a land of make-believe dressing rooms, backstage frivolity and the suspense of waiting for the curtain to be raised…. By Collection Stardust Memories. By Occasion Baptism. Tutu Diaries.